Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Reason To

While finishing up the debut IWTDI record, John found himself wandering around Warrior Sound, strapped to a guitar. It was at that moment that "A Reason To" was born.

Finishing up the first record wasn't like the end of our more recent recording process. We were writing new songs pretty soon after finishing our self titled debut (We played Get in Line, available here, at our CD release party). Either "A Reason To" wasn't ready, or new songs were coming in so quickly that John worked on the song mostly by himself until much later. We had long since finished recording the first chunk of Horror Vacui when the rest of us got to hear it.

As soon as we started working on it, we knew that it would definitely be included on the record. A more straight up pop song, "A Reason To" features more of John and Rachel's sweet harmonies. The catchy melody and the driving sound of the song has made it a staple in our live performances for the past several months.

Of course *I* like the song, but I am particularly fond of the second half of the second verse and the bridge. And we're ready for the Wilson-Phillips comparisons, assuming I'm not the only one who hears a similarity. As always, we're more than excited to share this song with you in advance of our kicking CD Release Party on October 10. You can listen by going to our player in the right sidebar.

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