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This was super-hard to compile, but I'm pretty happy with the results. Below are my top 10 album of the past decade, and after the jump you'll find the rest of my top 75((along with a song/video from each to get you started). And while we're at it my top 3 films of the 2000's are as follows: #1- Zodiac, #2- Inglourious Basterds, #3- There Will Be Blood


01. The Sea And Cake "Oui" 2000

02. Jon Brion "Meaningless" 2001

03. Motion City Soundtrack "I Am The Movie" 2003

04. Saves The Day "Stay What You Are" 2001

05. The Dismemberment Plan "Change" 2001

06. The Strokes "Is This It" 2001

07. Outkast "Stankonia" 2000

08. Zwan "Mary Star Of The Sea" 2003

09. Coldplay "Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends" 2008

10. Spoon "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga" 2007

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Holidays!

However you choose to enjoy this time of year, IWTDI wants to wish you warmth and happiness. We've had a very busy year with lots of ups and downs. We're happy to have survived it! Mostly, we're looking forward to a little time off, and eager to come back in Late January with a renewed sense of vigor.

MEANWHILE, please enjoy this little holiday song that John and Rachel put together for you. The more or less traditional song called Coventry Carol has a very interesting history. If not for some luck and maybe a little divine intervention, this song may not have survived to this day. The short version is that back when the Vatican had outlawed English versions of the Bible, people would use "mystery plays" to tell Bible stories. This song was part of a play called "The Pageant of the Shearmen and Tailors" and is about how King Herod, after hearing about the birth of a new King of the Jews, sent out a decree that all male children in Bethlehem under the age of two be killed, also known as The Massacre of the Innocents. The song itself is a lament, sung by a mother about her doomed child.

Read all about it at the link below and listen by clicking on the player on the right sidebar.

Listen, download, pass it around, enjoy it, and we'll see you soon!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It's that time of year, y'all. I've been making these "top 10" lists for as long as I can remember. I was THAT kid. It's also the end of a decade, so yep, you'll be getting a "best of the 2000's" list from me soon as well. Also keep an eye out for a general IWTDI year wrap-up & forecast for 2010 right here on this website very soon...

But let's get to it! Let me preface by saying two honorable mentions that I didn't "get" at first but I'm just now starting to like more are Grizzly Bear and Dirty Projectors. Also, the best album I heard in 2009 actually doesn't come out until January 19th- Motion City Soundtrack's new album "My Dinosaur Life". Oh and the best movie I saw in 2009 was Inglourious Basterds- actually it's in my all-time top 10. OK!


#1. U2 "No Line On The Horizon"

For me, any U2 album is an EVENT, and this one happens to easily be the best they've released since 1993's "Zooropa". "No Line On The Horizon" definitely wasn't a singles record(apparently that one is coming in 2010), but each song sets its own mood- and the greatest moments are certainly the most daring, which hasn't necessarily been true of U2 over the past decade. I am very biased on this one- any year U2 releases an album, it will be in my top 10- but it's been a loooong time since these dudes have seen the #1 spot. "Cedars Of Lebanon" features what are some of Bono's greatest lyrics ever, give it a listen:

#2. Phoenix "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix"
Who doesn't love this album? What's there not to love? This is a triumph for a band that has been making some great pop singles under the radar for a number of years. Now they've made a perfect pop record. There's not a lot to say to do it justice, just listen:

#3. Bear In Heaven "Beast Rest Fourth Mouth"

This album kinda sounds like the soundtrack to murdering someone in the dead of winter on an icy, frozen-over lake. But they totally deserved it, so it's not TOO dark, dig? Joy and pop and mystery mixed with icy cold synths that creep you out JUST enough. I am currently in love with this record- it hasn't left my car CD player in weeks.

#4. Polvo "In Prism"
Polvo basically inspired my first band to do what we did. Who would've thought that 12 years later, they'd come back and make their best full length ever? Yep, I said it. Nothing will ever top "Celebrate The New Dark Age"- my #2 album of all time- but that's an EP, so "In Prism" wins the LP category. There's some lulls on this album, but songs like "Lucia", "The Pedlar" & "A Link In The Chain" are some of their best ever. We got to play with Polvo earlier this year, so yeah, that's another thing on the list of "things I've done that the 16 year old version of me would never believe".

#5. Delorean "Aryton Senna" EP
There isn't a ton of info out there about this Spanish indie dance-pop band, but this is one of the best EP's I've heard in quite a while. Dear Delorean: please make a full length like this NOW.

#6. Paramore "Brand New Eyes"
Yeah, ok, settle down. I didn't think I'd ever put a Paramore album on a top 10 list either(although I've always thought that they write great singles), but "Brand New Eyes" is a classy album, with some real emotion and intensity crammed into simple powerpop-punk tunes. I even really enjoy some of Haley Williams lyrics on here. Fun fact: I believe this is on Joe & Curt's top 10's as well- plus even James said he really enjoyed what we made him listen to in the van on tour, which is...surprising. They've released two of the last songs I would've released as singles so far, but what do I know? This video looks pretty dumb at the onset, but watch 'til the end- shit gets fucked, y'all!:

#7. Set Your Goals "This Will Be The Death Of Us"
They don't make pop punk bands like this anymore, and that's part of what drew me in to Set Your Goals. It's like it's 1995 for these dudes. There's a lot wrong with this record- largely in some questionable lyrics(and the album needs about 90% less "gang vocal" overdubs)- but the utter lack of pretense(dig the video below) and awareness of current trends or fashions- makes Set Your Goals very endearing. Fun Fact again: these guys most likely make Rachel, Curt AND Joe's top 10 lists as well.

#8. Dananananaykroyd "Hey Everyone"
This Scottish six-piece are doing what so many mathy indie rock bands have done for the past decade or so, but they bring a strong sense of melody and kinetic energy that few possess. "Black Wax" is one of the best singles of the year:

#9. Animal Collective "Merriweather Post Pavilion"
Way too much has already been said about this album. You already know about it. I liked it. That kinda surprised me. That is all.

#10. Micachu "Jewellery"
Micachu creates a perfect blend of noise and melody that makes for some extremely catchy abstract pop music. "Golden Phone" wins:

Thanks for reading, y'all! I think it should be obvious I am not trying to get a job at Pitchfork doing this shit. I put no effort into these descriptions- I just want you to go listen to this music- and I want you to tell me YOUR top 10!!! Comment away with them, please!


Thursday, December 3, 2009


Dear World,

We are so excited to be coming up to our third anniversary of rock! For those of you who don't know your anniversary traditions, that's the LEATHER anniversary! We like the sound of that.

Looking back, we've done a lot of stuff over the last three years. Two large scale, national tours. Shows with some exceptional talents like Conor Oberst, Cursive, Joan Jett, These Arms Are Snakes, Portastatic, etc. We've released two full length records and two EP's. And we've struggled through some very tough times, focusing hard on keeping it all together even as relationships within the band have taken hits. None of this really makes us special. Every band goes through much of the same stuff we have. It's just a good time to pause and reflect.

Yes, it's been FREAKING AWESOME for the most part. But we've been working hard with no real breaks for three years and we've decided to take January off! Yes, for the month of January, you won't have us to kick around. We'll be ready to hit the ground running come February, though, and we will rock your socks off some more!

THAT SAID, we will be playing our last local show until February THIS FRIDAY NIGHT at the Diversions party at the Local 506. It starts at 10, and it won't cost you a dime to get in (but you should buy beer and tip heavily!). Aminal will kick things off at 10, followed by IWTDI, and Lonnie Walker will bring it all home! It's going to be a blast, so get there early and stake out a spot in front of the stage so you don't miss anything! It's the party of the year!

To celebrate this event, the kickass Jordan Lawrence et al, met up with all the bands and shot video of some scaled down performances. They are embedded below in order of the bands performing. Thanks Jordan for all of your hard work! We hope you enjoy. We'll see you Friday and then who knows? You might have to visit us in our relative points of convalescence if you want to see us before February!