Saturday, September 12, 2009

Carolina Rollergirls!

Come out to Tir Na Nog tonight! There will be four bands rocking for you at The Carolina Rollergirls' Wicked Wheels of the East Tournament! Spend your afternoon and early evening watch one of the most exciting sports known to man. Then shower up and come on out to 218 S. Blount St. in Raleigh for some sweaty-ass rock and roll!

From the facebook event page:

Pink Flag will kick it off with their all-woman Punk-pop fun. West Virginia's The Demon Beat are next with Indie/bluesy Punk that wowed people back in July. I Was Totally Destroying It are in the hammock slot with their duel vocals and guitar Inidie-pop. Closing out the night is our road-tested heroes Red Collar with their passionate Blue-collar ethics backed by sweat drenched leave it on the floor indie/punk/rock. This night will rock your face off!

Five bucks gets you more rock than you could ever hope for, plus a special cocktail called "The Rolling Red Flag of The Demon Destroyer", designed by Nobel Prize winning mixologist Chris Tamplin. You WILL have fun or the rollergirls will hurt you. And not the way John Cougar Mellencamp likes it.


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