Sunday, September 13, 2009

Look Out Brooklyn!

We want to thank everyone who came out to Tir Na Nog last night and helped us celebrate the beautiful brutality America’s rollergirls. All the bands were great, and the folks at Tir Na Nog were generous and accommodating as usual. Good times were had by all!


Even though we’ve been rocking for nearly three years, we have avoided traveling to the northeast. Booking New York, Boston, DC, etc can be really tough, and the tour can be expensive. Tolls, parking, security for your gear and lodging can drive a band crazy. Shows tend to be hit or miss. Crowds can be really ambivalent. One could reasonably argue that there’s no point in playing the big cities of the East at all unless or until there’s a big draw on the bill.


Here we go! We’ll be playing The Trash Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn tonight. Then we’ll be doing a two day stint in Amityville, Long Island. We will be at The Broadway Bar in Amityville Monday and Tuesday nights. These are apparently theme nights. Monday night we’re supposed to wear red, Tuesday is formal night. On one hand, it kinda sucks to have to think about wardrobe when you’re going out of town, but we’re gonna look GOOD!

We wanna give a shout out to our old friend Paul Cadena and his band The Sleeping for hooking us up with these Long Island shows. You may remember Paul from IWTDI predecessor En Garde. He’s an absolute sweetheart who went back home to Long Island a few years ago and took his rock skills to a whole new level. We’re looking forward to seeing him.

I will say this, for what it’s worth. I love Brooklyn. I’m not always very comfortable there, as apparently smiling at strangers is out of fashion, but there’s a great feel in Brooklyn, and I’m looking forward to hanging out there. But I’m MOST excited about Strong Island. I’ve never visited but I’ve come to have certain, shall we say expectations about the cultural offerings of this fine place. Don’t let us down, Amityville! The band is armed with cameras. We will report back!


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