Sunday, June 12, 2011


Aaaaaaand we're DONE. Album #4 is tracked and will be mixed in a couple of weeks. I'm a bit dazed and ineloquent right now, but the whole band seems to agree that this is the best record any of us have ever been a part of- and we couldn't have done it without our GENIUS producers, Joshua Cain & Ed Ackerson. Thank you, guys.

We also owe a huge thanks to our home-away-from-home, MPLS, and the wonderful people who populate this beautiful city: Tommy Rehbein, Justin Pierre, Brittany Nelson, Lindsay Hutton, Ashley Ackerson, Amber Corbet, Jared Gudnason, Kelly Conant, Farewell Continental, Dan Mariska & his band, The Triple Rock Social Club- to name just a few!

We'll post some more pictures and some video from the session, eventually. And expect more details on the album in the next few months.

Now: we drive 20 hours!


lindsay said...

you GUYS! i have so much love. <3

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