Monday, April 4, 2011

IWTDI tour blog, Volume 2 (Day9), 1 April

We’ve been crazy busy the last several days so we’re way behind on the blog posting. You’re about to get an avalanche of them, so check back!

We made it to Las Cruces and I made it to the house in which I spent two of my childhood years. It was nice, but what really drove it all home was seeing the tiny convenience store where I used to buy candy. I remember picking up discarded aluminum cans and giving them to my parents to recycle, then taking the money to Scotty’s II for candy and video games. I also remember riding my motorcycle for hours on end in the vast New Mexico desert, but not surprisingly, the area had been taken over by developers in the 27 years since I had left.

The drive from Las Cruces to Tucson was uneventful, which is awesome! We drove through a border patrol checkpoint, but were let right through. I find that odd. I’m glad we didn’t get searched, but I am surprised that our tinted van, loaded to the hilt with gear, and our little trailer with the iron cross tail lights didn’t raise a red flag.

We got to Tucson early enough to Priceline a hotel and catch some rest. I rarely nap, but I turned the AC on in my room and immediately crashed out, for nearly two hours! We played a place in Tucson called The Red Room at Grill. We got some amazing free food and some cold, tasty free beer. There weren’t a ton of people there, but we had been given a really nice write-up in the local weekly and online, and so the people that were there were super friendly and eager to spend some time with us! The room was on the small side, and they prefer a slightly quieter sound, so we set upon the task of trying to figure out what to play. I think we did a good job: Come Out, Come Out; Favorite Haunt; All Get Lucky*; Cup of Tea; Fight_Flight*; Actors**; Outside Blinds**; Save Your Life**; Blood on Film**; The Ocean

In many ways, we might have actually preferred the quieter set! I didn’t overpower anyone, everyone could hear, John and Rachel could sing without screaming. It was a nice change. For my part though, I look forward to hitting hard and building a sweat again. We’re on our way to San Diego now. More to come!

*: From Preludes, out April 12!
**: From Vexations, out later this year!


John K. said...

Crunch time. You guys take care of each other :)

I've got twitter friends on Chicago and I'm trying to get them to the record store meet and greet.

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