Thursday, March 17, 2011

We are nervous and excited about playing South By Southwest for the first time! We're not big festival people, erring on the side of claustrophobia and wanting to avoid hubbub in most of it's forms, but this is a great opportunity for us to get our name out there and hopefully come away with some people of potential influence humming one of our songs.

It's difficult to talk about writing and performing music as a business. Just bringing up the idea that making music can be more than just a fun thing can make one into an anathema among his peers, but the fact that this is an INDUSTRY festival can not be ignored. If we just wanted to make music about town, play for beer and beer money, and simply have fun, we wouldn't have all quit our jobs and bought a trailer! We DO have fun when we rock out, even when we travel together, but we're here in Austin because for us, the 44 hours of total drive time for one 40 minute set and the $1500 expense are worth it if one person of influence takes a liking to the music.

We are very fortunate to have a label and a manager who have put as much work into promoting this festival with us as they have. Dave Rose at Deep South Entertainment and Todd Berry at Greyday Records have put tremendous effort into letting the right people know where and when we play. Well, the right people, business-wise, not THE right people. The right people are our friends and fans, so let us update you on our situation:

We play at the Easy Tiger, 709 E. Sixth St. at 10:00 PM. We originally said Habana Calle 6, but apparently they moved across the street from where we're actually playing. So it's Easy Tiger, out on the patio. You go in, find the stairs to the right, take them down, head out the back door, and there you are! There are lots of great shows going on, and we hope that folks consider us one of them!

To all of our peeps at home, we love and miss you, and we'll see you soon! BOOSH!


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